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An independent consultancy based in UK and operating internationally, providing advice and measurements on public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and  RF radiation.

EMF product standard compliance

In the EU and UK (currently at least) all products put on the market or general public use have to be "safe" with respect to electromagnetic field exposure.  In practice this means that as part of their CE marking they have to be assessed against the relevant European/British EMF product standard.  For equipment used by workers, the onus is on the empolyer to be able to show that it is safe in use, and in most cases this means that they will ask that question of the supplier or manufacturer, who will answer it by showing compliance with the relevant standard.

At EMFields, we have been instrumental in the development of these standards. Our Director was for 15 years the Chair of the European Standards Committee responsible for most of them.  We can help with guiding suppliers and manufacturers through the compliance process, and if necessary managing measurement programmes in accredited test laboratories.

Contact us for more details, or if you want to know more about how product standards are used to ensure that public or occupational exposures are below limits.