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An independent consultancy based in UK and operating internationally, providing advice and measurements on public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and  RF radiation.

Occupational exposure assessment

EMFields specialises in workplace exposure assssment. We were primary authors of both the impact assessment and Guide to the original EMF Directive, which is the basis for UK's Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016. We have been pivotal in the drafting of European and British Standards for workplace EMF assessment.

Having measured and calculated exposures from just about any occupational EMF source imaginable across many decades, we know that in fact there is only a handful of technologies that are genuinley problematic with respect to EMF worker limits.  In most cases, any workplace advice of assessment can be based on analyses of existing information or source type. Wherever possible we help empoyers to show that workplaces are safe without having to resort to complex and costly measurement programmes.  

Where measurements are required, we are expert at the complex and non-routine. 

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