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An independent consultancy based in UK and operating internationally, providing advice and measurements on public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and  RF radiation.

Pacemakers and implanted active medical devices

This is one case where electromagnetic fields can be potentially harmful.  We know that most equipment which is certified as safe for public use doesn't present a risk to users of active implanted medical devices, but there are potential exceptions where the equipment emits pulsed or highly-modulated fields. 

For workers, the situation is more complicated, but there are technical standards which can be used to determine whether risk to a user of an active implanted medical device exists in the workplace. If you think that you have workplace equipment which may be a source of inteference for an active implanted medical device used by someone in your employment, contact us for advice. Our aim is to try to establish whether there actally is a problem, and if there is to work with you to find a way to ameliorate any risk, rather than recommend blanket bans.