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An independent consultancy based in UK and operating internationally, providing advice and measurements on public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and  RF radiation.

Resources for local authorities

We know that local authorities experience a very large number of enquries and public complaints about human exposure to telecommunications systems, and currently specifically 5G. These enquiries are usually backed up by reference to substantial information resources provided by the internet.  Local authorities very often don't have the resources themselves to assess the science behind those claims.

On these pages we try to provide summaries of the scientific position on these issues.  The general FAQs on EMF is a good place to start. It covers many of the common claims about 5G. We also have specific pages on:

What 5G is

The Precautionary Principle

What the science actually says

Public health after 3 decades of phones

The National Toxicology Program study

IARC say it's a possible carcinogen 

If you need more information, more explanation or just want to talk through the issues, please feel free to contact us.  We are always happy to talk to people.

We can also provide reports, analyses, measurements, planning advice related to EMF sources and expert input to any decision-making or consultation process;  we would normally charge for those services.