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Help and resources for local authorities

There is a vast amount of stuff on the internet about health effects from telecommunications systems, especially 5G. Most of it is junk, of course. There are some very useful independent scientific resources too, but they tend to be quite technical in nature and not directly focussed on correcting misinformation. We have written our EMFAQs (new window) to try to help with this.

We have given evidence at a number of planning enquiries for telecommunciations installations and electricity substations and acted in court as expert witnesses. What we give is what the science says, not what he industry or the activists say. We are beholden to neither. In most cases of course it doesn't come to this, and what Local Authority Officers need is some perspective for the anti mast submissions that they can be swamped with. We are always very happy to talk you through the issues, without any charge or contractual arrangement (obviously any formal report or attendance at meetings might require a formal arangement).

If you use our contact page (new window) to email us in the first instance, we will be happy to call you back at your convenience, or correspond via email.

We can also undertake surveys of RF exposure but we don't usually do this for public exposure situations because we already know fairly accurately what the levels are likely to be. We can advise on that too. if you think you do need measurments, contact us and we can discuss it.