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Pacemakers and other active implanted medical devices (AIMDs)

That sign used to be very common in places where people might be exposed to electromagnetic fields. If in doubt, exclude people with pacemaker or other AIMDs (insulin pumps, neural stimulators etc). Having one fitted often meant a change of duties or retirement if you were in certain occaptions, such as welding, because people didn't have any reliable way to determine risk.

Times have changed, and we now have standards and case studies to inform what, if any, meausre need to be taken for people in the workplace with AIMDs. There will always be places where those people should not be, becuase in the end AIMDs can be interfered with, but a blanket ban on access is usually not required.

People with AIMDs live normal lives outside work, and they know to avoid certain situations like metal detectors, security arches and strong magnets. The same approach can be extended to workplaces and some simple measure for protection put in place. In most cases this removes the issue.

We can help with outline advice on the issue, and are always happy to talk to you about it. If you need measurements or a management plan, we can do that too. Feel free to contact us (new window).