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EMF product standards

As we discussed on the page on limits (new window), the EU can't directly set public exposure limits for electromagnetic fields. The approach taken is to specify via product Directives that products put on the market have to be safe with respect to their electromagnetic emissions, and to produce a series of european standards that can be used to show that. These standards refer, via an indirect route (new window) to the ICNIRP general public exposure guidelines of 1998 (new window). There are also a number of standards that link to relevant limits on ocuational exposure, for use in the workplace.

(Post Brexit, UK has kept these product standards in place as British Standards).

Below is a list of current product standards:

  • Phones and radios used against the head
  • Phones and radios against the body
  • Domestic appliances
  • RFID and antitheft systems
  • Base stations, putting on the market, putting into service and in situ
  • TV and radio broadcast
  • Railways
  • Automotive
  • Wireless charging
  • Welding
  • Low power radios
  • Generic (all other products)
  • Electromagnetic filds in the workplace
  • Electromagnetic fields from electricity generation, transmission and distribution

We at EMFields were instrumental in the development of many of these standards, and the standardisation framework that supports them. if you want to know more, or want help using these standards for compliance, please contact us (new window).